Citat Avsnitt 13

Här kommer citat från det senaste avsnittet!
Kan inta bara ha från förut ;)
John: I decided to come back and stay for a while
Jenna: Not here, you’re not
John: Actually, you can’t stop me from living here
Jenna: Actually I can, as legal guardian
John: Yeah, about that… Elena, you want me to explain the situation or would you like to do the honors?
Jenna: Okay, what’s going on?
Elena: I’m sorry, Jenna. I should have told you earlier but…
John: I’m Elena’s biological father. There, now you know

Damon: You brought back John Gilbert? That was your big save Elena move?
Stefan: I went to go look for Isobel and I get John instead. He said he can help us and we’re desperate
Damon: we’re not that desperate, Stefan. The guy tried to barbecue me!

Stefan: He’s not talking. At least not to me anyway ( Stefan pratar om John Gilbert) 
Damon: Great work Stefan. Top notch. As if I didn’t have enough problems
Stefan: Hey, I’m sorry about Rose
Damon: Whatever. I knew the woman for 5 minutes
Stefan: And you cared about her after 5 minutes. I wonder what that means
Damon: It means I care, Stefan. That’s means I’m changing evolving into a man capable of greatness. Better watch your back because I may just have to go get a hero hairdo of my own and steal your thunder.

Elena: What are we gonna do?
Damon: kill him (John Gilbert)
Elena: Damon…
Damon: I’m joking. Okay, I’m a little serious
Elena: Damon!
Damon: I’m not gonna hurt him, Elena. I’m the good guy now, remember?

Jenna: I can’t believe it. Elena is my sister’s husband’s brother’s daughter and her mother is my boyfriend’s dead wife. You can’t make this stuff up
Alaric: It’s definitely overwhelming
Jenna: I can’t believe that they keep it a secret. How is it even possible to keep a secret like that?
John: Hey you two. Do you think I can join you?
Jenna: Do you have to?

Matt: Hey! Hey!
Caroline: Hey
Matt: I haven’t seen you
Caroline: I’m not avoiding you, I swear
Matt: Yeah. You’re avoiding me a little
Caroline: Okay, maybe a little

Elena: Are you saying I should put my faith in you? After everything that you’ve done to Damon and Stefan?
John: We had our difference and I’ve made mistakes but you and I , we’re family
Elena: You don’t get to use that word. That word is off limits to you!
John: Fine, but it doesn’t’t change the facts
Elena: You’re right. Facts are facts so listen up: you may be my father but I’m never going to be your daughter, you got that?

Damon: I’m in love with a woman I could never have
Andie: I knew it. I know how to pick them. So why can’t you have her? She’s with another man I assume?
Damon: Yeah but that’s not the point. The point is I’m in love with her and that drive me crazy. I’m not in control.

Damon: My brother the peacemaker . Since Stefan got here before me I’m gonna let him try to his way before I resort to my way, which is a little bloodier so give us Caroline

Brady: Which one of you killed Mason?
Damon: Uh, that’d be me
Brady: Boys, make sure that one suffers

Caroline: You just stood there when they were going to kill us. You just stood there! You didn’t do anything!
Tyler: I didn’t know what to do!
Caroline: You help your friends, that’s what you do
Tyler: I’m sorry
Caroline: No it’s too late because we’re not friends anymore and what happened to me tonight, that will never happen again so you take that back to your little werewolf pack and you get the hell out of my house!

kram Moa


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